Finding Affordable Security Camera Systems

Security Cameras

How to Find the Best Deals to Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

This article is for all the cheapskates out there like us that want to find the best deal on everything.  Security cameras are becoming more and more popular and with that comes more competition, and more chances to skim by on something cheap.  What is cool here is that we are going to show you how you can get a security camera system up and running in your own place with something you probably already have.

The Webcam.

That’s right.  You probably never thought about using an existing webcam as a security system, but why not?!  If you have a laptop at home, the chances are it already has one installed.  When you leave for the day, just keep it up and running and you can connect via your phone at work and keep an eye at home.  This DIY hack saves you $199+.  If you have a webcam that is mobile and easy to move around then you can do even more option with is.

Here is a video tutorial about exactly how and what to do:

The Baby Monitor

Depending on which baby monitor you got, you may have one or two lying around unused in the closet.  Why not put these to good use and get them set up as security cameras?  Maybe the baby is out of their crib and you never use the monitor anymore.  Take it downstairs and set it up in the living room.  Then you can connect to it the same method as before but now use it to locate burglars or just to keep an eye on what is going on in your home.  What was once used to look over your baby can now look over your pet, older children or any room you want it too.

Motion Detectors with Cameras

If you are a cheapskate, then chances are you don’t require live monitoring.  If this is the case and you have a home alarm system, then upgrade your motion to one with a camera in it and you saved yourself alot of money!  The camera works by taking automatic pictures anytime the motion sensor is activated.  These pictures are stored on a online data base and you can also set it up to take frequent pictures to see a overcast of the day in your home or business.  Once again, you can take an existing item and turn it into a security camera.

Using these three tips above can really help cut the costs and get you a cheap security camera system.  Many people don’t realize they already have something that could be used and go ahead and pay $99-999 for a camera system they didn’t need.  Before you go out and do that, evaluate the equipment or tools you already have and with a little help you can turn a webcam, baby monitor or existing motion sensor into a great new wireless security camera.

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