Are Dummy Home Surveillance Cameras Worth Using?


There are various tricks which you can use for making your home a more secure place. One of them is to install dummy home surveillance cameras. Find out more about them and what they can do for you and consider their positive and negative sides to make up your mind.

What Are They?

The dummy home surveillance cameras are made to look like their real counterparts. They have precisely the same design. Some even have a light showing that they are powered. There are also ones which can pan, tilt and zoom like the most advanced genuine devices. At the same time, these items are fake and do not actually do anything. They do not produce video content. They cannot transfer it so that it can be recorded by a DVR unit. Now that you know what they are and how they work, you can readily weigh their benefits and drawbacks.



These cameras can deter criminals and vandals from attacking your property. This is especially the case with petty thieves and people who vandalize properties out of an emotional impulse of some sort. When they believe that they will get caught on video, they can get scared and the crime can be prevented.

These devices can increase the level of security on your property considerably. They can be placed in remote areas or in places where genuine cameras are difficult to install. That way, you can secure a larger area in a more efficient and cost-efficient manner.


The dummy home surveillance cameras cannot produce any video footage so they are useless for generating evidence and identifying criminals. This means that a determined criminal will be much harder if not impossible to catch if you rely solely on these fake devices.


If the criminals somehow find out that the cameras are fake or keep your house under surveillance and come to this conclusion, these devices will not stop them. Quite the opposite, they may make their entry easier if you are less vigilant due to the fact that you have installed these units.


Overall, the dummy home surveillance cameras are a good idea if they are used together with genuine cameras. That way, they will scare off petty thieves and vandals and puzzle the more experienced ones. You just have to ensure that you use them in the most effective way possible. Additionally, you must not share with anyone which units are genuine and which ones are not. That way, you will get the highest possible level of protection.


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