Is VidAngel a Safe Video Streaming Service

VidAngel Streaming

Vidangel Recap – Is it Safe for the Whole Family?

VidAngel claims to be a safe video streaming alternative for the whole family.  Because this blog is about technology and home security we thought we should talk about it.  Recently they have announced they will allow the public to begin investing in their company.  While this may be a good option for those with money or familiar with the service, we want to talk about Vidangel reviews as a whole.

Is it Legal?

Yes.  The short answer is yes it is legal to rent and edit your videos from Vidangel.  Hollywood may not deem so but with their recent move from Utah to California, it is clear they are positioning themselves for a dominate role in the online streaming business.

Will they do to Redbox what Redbox did to Blockbuster?

Redbox put Blockbuster out of business when they came up with the Red box that is quick and easy to rent movies from any local store.  Now it seems that the possibility of VidAngel doing the same thing to Redbox could be possible.  Now people can stream from their phone, tablet or TV for only $1-2 a movie.  This is the same price as renting from Redbox but now you never have to leave your house.

My last Reviews and Impression of VidAngel

Yes, VidAngel is a legal and useful service.  I don’t claim for it to be suitable for the whole family however.  Just because you can make edits doesn’t mean you should start letting your children watch any movie that is available.  High ratings such as PG-13 and R should still be avoided for young kids even if you choose to mute out some of the profanities.

Thanks for reading this and if you have any other suggestions on what we should write on that relates to home and family safety please let us know.

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