Is VidAngel a Safe Video Streaming Service

VidAngel Streaming

Vidangel Recap – Is it Safe for the Whole Family?

VidAngel claims to be a safe video streaming alternative for the whole family.  Because this blog is about technology and home security we thought we should talk about it.  Recently they have announced they will allow the public to begin investing in their company.  While this may be a good option for those with money or familiar with the service, we want to talk about Vidangel reviews as a whole.

Is it Legal?

Yes.  The short answer is yes it is legal to rent and edit your videos from Vidangel.  Hollywood may not deem so but with their recent move from Utah to California, it is clear they are positioning themselves for a dominate role in the online streaming business.

Will they do to Redbox what Redbox did to Blockbuster?

Redbox put Blockbuster out of business when they came up with the Red box that is quick and easy to rent movies from any local store.  Now it seems that the possibility of VidAngel doing the same thing to Redbox could be possible.  Now people can stream from their phone, tablet or TV for only $1-2 a movie.  This is the same price as renting from Redbox but now you never have to leave your house.

My last Reviews and Impression of VidAngel

Yes, VidAngel is a legal and useful service.  I don’t claim for it to be suitable for the whole family however.  Just because you can make edits doesn’t mean you should start letting your children watch any movie that is available.  High ratings such as PG-13 and R should still be avoided for young kids even if you choose to mute out some of the profanities.

Thanks for reading this and if you have any other suggestions on what we should write on that relates to home and family safety please let us know.

Are Dummy Home Surveillance Cameras Worth Using?


There are various tricks which you can use for making your home a more secure place. One of them is to install dummy home surveillance cameras. Find out more about them and what they can do for you and consider their positive and negative sides to make up your mind.

What Are They?

The dummy home surveillance cameras are made to look like their real counterparts. They have precisely the same design. Some even have a light showing that they are powered. There are also ones which can pan, tilt and zoom like the most advanced genuine devices. At the same time, these items are fake and do not actually do anything. They do not produce video content. They cannot transfer it so that it can be recorded by a DVR unit. Now that you know what they are and how they work, you can readily weigh their benefits and drawbacks.



These cameras can deter criminals and vandals from attacking your property. This is especially the case with petty thieves and people who vandalize properties out of an emotional impulse of some sort. When they believe that they will get caught on video, they can get scared and the crime can be prevented.

These devices can increase the level of security on your property considerably. They can be placed in remote areas or in places where genuine cameras are difficult to install. That way, you can secure a larger area in a more efficient and cost-efficient manner.


The dummy home surveillance cameras cannot produce any video footage so they are useless for generating evidence and identifying criminals. This means that a determined criminal will be much harder if not impossible to catch if you rely solely on these fake devices.


If the criminals somehow find out that the cameras are fake or keep your house under surveillance and come to this conclusion, these devices will not stop them. Quite the opposite, they may make their entry easier if you are less vigilant due to the fact that you have installed these units.


Overall, the dummy home surveillance cameras are a good idea if they are used together with genuine cameras. That way, they will scare off petty thieves and vandals and puzzle the more experienced ones. You just have to ensure that you use them in the most effective way possible. Additionally, you must not share with anyone which units are genuine and which ones are not. That way, you will get the highest possible level of protection.


Finding Affordable Security Camera Systems

Security Cameras

How to Find the Best Deals to Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

This article is for all the cheapskates out there like us that want to find the best deal on everything.  Security cameras are becoming more and more popular and with that comes more competition, and more chances to skim by on something cheap.  What is cool here is that we are going to show you how you can get a security camera system up and running in your own place with something you probably already have.

The Webcam.

That’s right.  You probably never thought about using an existing webcam as a security system, but why not?!  If you have a laptop at home, the chances are it already has one installed.  When you leave for the day, just keep it up and running and you can connect via your phone at work and keep an eye at home.  This DIY hack saves you $199+.  If you have a webcam that is mobile and easy to move around then you can do even more option with is.

Here is a video tutorial about exactly how and what to do:

The Baby Monitor

Depending on which baby monitor you got, you may have one or two lying around unused in the closet.  Why not put these to good use and get them set up as security cameras?  Maybe the baby is out of their crib and you never use the monitor anymore.  Take it downstairs and set it up in the living room.  Then you can connect to it the same method as before but now use it to locate burglars or just to keep an eye on what is going on in your home.  What was once used to look over your baby can now look over your pet, older children or any room you want it too.

Motion Detectors with Cameras

If you are a cheapskate, then chances are you don’t require live monitoring.  If this is the case and you have a home alarm system, then upgrade your motion to one with a camera in it and you saved yourself alot of money!  The camera works by taking automatic pictures anytime the motion sensor is activated.  These pictures are stored on a online data base and you can also set it up to take frequent pictures to see a overcast of the day in your home or business.  Once again, you can take an existing item and turn it into a security camera.

Using these three tips above can really help cut the costs and get you a cheap security camera system.  Many people don’t realize they already have something that could be used and go ahead and pay $99-999 for a camera system they didn’t need.  Before you go out and do that, evaluate the equipment or tools you already have and with a little help you can turn a webcam, baby monitor or existing motion sensor into a great new wireless security camera.

Installing Smoke Alarms In The Home


Just about every dwelling contains smoke alarms. Most apartment houses are required to have smoke alarms in at least two areas of each apartment. Building codes in many cities require that new houses be wired for smoke alarms before the house will pass inspection. The use of smoke detectors in office buildings, factories and other places of business are firmly established. So it only makes sense that homeowners would want to make sure there are good quality smoke alarms installed in the older homes as well.Finding good quality smoke detectors is not hard to do at all.


In fact, there are quite a few excellent models on the market today. You can chose to go with Firex smoke alarms, which are among the best when you want to have something really sensitive, such as a cigarette smoke detector. If cigarette smoke detectors are a little more sensitive than you want to have for your home, you may want to try the First Alert Smoke Alarms, which can be set so that something like cigarette smoke won’t set them off. Of course cigarette smoke detectors have saved quite a few lives, so don’t write them off without giving them serious consideration.

Different types of smoke alarms will work for different living situations. BRK smoke alarms are available in both wired and wireless models, which means you can easily add smoke alarms where there were none before. You never know when adding a smoke alarm to a hallway or to the basement will pay off in a big way. When it comes to installing smoke alarms, the Firex smoke detectors take no time at all to secure in place, and will also be very easy to check from time to time as well. The Firex smoke alarm is perhaps the best option for older apartments, as there is no wiring and it is very easy to check the battery every so often. Kidde smoke alarms are also easy to install and require a check on the battery now and then to remain operational. Smoke alarms do not have to cost a lot of money, so you can afford to install smoke detectors on just about any budget.


If you do not have at least one smoke alarm in your home today, then make it a point to go out and pick up some of the inexpensive battery operated models at least. You will find that it only takes on time for the smoke alarm to go off to make a big difference in the safety and well being of your family.

Last but not least we try to provide complete information on the all types of home securities and all types of business home residential security systems which can help you to protect your home from all kind of dangers. The information provided on this website is according to the expert’s advice and can be helpful for you.

Home Security Products


A home with a security system is like a repellant for burglars. Burglars often watch homes for a period of time before striking – sort of a way to stake out their target. They are watching for indications of security lighting, looking for signs of security cameras and generally assessing how difficult it would be to get in and out quickly with your possessions. Some estimates claim a burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. Burglary numbers also include home invasions and they often include violence against one or more household members.

So doing everything possible to protect your home and family with a security system may be the most important thing you’ll ever do.

Home Security Products – The Basics

While the sheer number of home security products can be overwhelming, there are some basic options that come with many of the best systems. You can begin with the basic wired or wireless system and then add enhancements that expand system functions. The standard home security system will have the following components.


Control panel – this controls your system, receives incoming information about different monitored zones and calls the monitoring service, police or fire, etc. should the alarm be triggered

Power source – for the control panel

Keypad or touch pad – to arm or disarm the system

Window and door sensors – to monitor when doors or windows are opened

There are also lots of of add-on options beyond the basic system packages.

Motion detectors – Passive Infrared Detectors can detect heat and motion

Glass break sensors – in addition to window sensors that detect when a window is opened, these sensors trigger the alarm when the window is broken

Sirens – can be installed inside and outside the home

Two-way intercom – lets you talk to the monitoring company to verify if there’s a real emergency before notifying the police or fire departments (this lowers risk of false alarm call-ins)

Smoke detectors – also detect heat

Environmental detectors – detect carbon monoxide, propane or excess moisture

Latchkey paging – so you know when your children use their access codes

Remote control key fobs – to arm or disarm your system

Surveillance cameras


Many people choose to get a security system with a monitoring service. Companies like ADT, GE and Brinks offer 24-hour monitoring of your home system. Systems with monitoring services require a contract and will cost you a monthly fee. The alarm system will notify the monitoring service when the alarm is triggered, and the monitoring service then calls the appropriate emergency personnel. You don’t absolutely need a monitoring service to install a home security system. Systems can be installed that simply flash lights and sound sirens locally, or auto dial emergency personnel directly.

More Benefits to Home Security Products


Many insurance companies will lower the house insurance premium when a house is equipped with an alarm system. Also home security systems have become much more functional. For example, nanny cams are now commonly used to transmit images outside the home to working parents while also serving as security cameras connected to the alarm system. The latchkey paging notifies a parent when a child enters an alarm code. Families caring for those with Alzheimer’s use surveillance cameras to keep track of movement within the house.

One Final Note

A good security system will be part of a larger plan to keep the home safe. For example, outdoor lighting at the front door, at the garage door, or on the driveway can discourage vandals and burglars. Other suggestions include keeping bushes and trees away from the house and never hiding the house key where others could easily find it.